• Students are responsible for their actions.
• Students will not engage in any activity unless directed to do so by an instructor.
• Students who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including prescription
or over-the-counter medications, will be immediately dismissed from the course.
• Students are required to sign the Liability Release & Waiver prior to beginning any practical application.
• Non-Training vehicles are required to remain at the designated parking area.
• Students not in the training vehicles will remain in the designated observation area.
• Students will not enter the training area unless directed to do so.
• Students will not leave the observation area unless directed to do so.
• Vehicle keys will be removed from the ignition and placed on the windshield whenever the driver seat is unoccupied.
• Students will not eat or drink within the vehicle, and the ONLY authorized items within the vehicle are the radio and a water bottle that must be stored in the glove box/console.
• Students will strictly adhere to the speed limitations and exercise instructions. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the course immediately.
• Students will safely decrease speed immediately upon exiting an exercise.
• Administrative movements will not exceed 20 mph.
• Entering and exiting the vehicles will occur in the designated area.
• In the event of communication failure, engage hazard lights and remain in place.
• In the event of an emergency, broadcast “STOP, STOP, STOP” via the radio. When the emergency signal is broadcast, ALL students will:
o If in a vehicle: immediately come to a stop and await further instructions.
o If in the observation area: await further instructions.

I have read and fully understand each of the Safety Rules, and in signing this document agree to abide
by these rules along with any terms and condition set forth herein.