47 New Executive Protection, Corporate Security, Security Driver & Security Management Jobs

Las Vegas, Houston, Austin, Colorado, Puerto Rico, Michigan, Virginia, Baltimore, Washington, Arizona, Hawaii, Charlotte, Palo Alto, San Jose, Orange County, San Francisco, Illinois, Los Angeles, Oklahoma, New York, Atlanta, Wash DC, Maryland, and more

Here is an excerpt from one of the positions:
Training and familiarity in evasive and defensive driving, or security and executive transportation is preferred. CPR, First Aid, AED certification is required.”

Our 7 Day Executive Protection Training Program provides certification in Executive Protection,Medical Response and Defensive & Evasive Driving. Come see why our training is the most realistic, relevant and valuable course offered.

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36 New Executive Protection – Bodyguard Jobs

San Francisco, Virginia, Florida, Kansas, San Diego, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, NC, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Alabama, New York, Missouri, Chicago and more, see below.

Female position in NY: see below.

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