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Nightclub, Bar & Tavern Security Training & Assessment Services

Nightclub Security & Bouncer Training

Offered by LaSorsa & Associates, a NC Private Protective Services Board

Licensed & Insured Consulting Agency

Our training is designed to assist nightclub operators in creating an environment which allows for patrons to enjoy themselves safely and comfortably, in order to increase revenue while reducing risk of a violent incident, unintentional injury or a catastrophic lawsuit. This training is also perfectly suited for individual bouncers looking to expand their resumé’s marketability.

Customized Training Programs – 8 Hour Training Course + Observation

Certificate of Completion Provided – Expand Your Resume and Get Hired

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Unfortunately, most operators do not proactively prepare for what can happen when things go wrong. Nor do operators regularly consider the long-term consequences they face should things go wrong; injury to employees and patrons, enforcement action, civil lawsuits, loss of business and worse. The fact is that in our industry, we might see problems such as fights, over-intoxication, underage drinkers and other disruptive acts but these incidents are proven to be reduced with the proper training and preparedness that we can economically provide. 

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The Need for Nightclub Security & Bouncer Training:

People go to bars and nightclubs to have a good time and feel safe. Our training course  will establish a better environment conducive to safety and an enjoyable evening for your patrons, as well as protect your business from the very real and often life changing incidents that just one night can produce. Protecting patrons, employees and your business is our priority.

Bouncer Training - nightclub security training

Benefits to Training Your Employees:
We offer training designed to provide comprehensive and easy to understand information to ensure the safety of both the employee and the customers. Discussions include  lawsuits, liability, and most importantly techniques to  keep your customers safe and secure.

 Our course offers unique, job-specific training that your staff can utilize immediately in order to reduce risk and increase profits. 

  • Avoid injuries and stay safe on the job.
  • Protect yourself from criminal and civil liability.
  • Reduce violence, fights, and other safety concerns.
  • Reduced violence and need for police intervention.
  • Improved bouncer knowledge and confidence.
  • Less underage drinking.
  • Improved ability to identify false identification.
  • Lower insurance rates.

Nightclub Security Training Course Topics:

  • Conflict Resolution and Force Escalation
  • Alcohol Service Liabilities, Rules and Regulations
  • Powers to Arrest & Intervention Techniques
  • Human Factors & Pre-Attack Indicators
  • Recognition of Borrowed and Fake Identification
  • Recognition of Narcotics and Club Drugs
  • CPR, AED & First Aid Certification (Red Cross)
  • And much more

Bouncer Training - nightclub security training  Bouncer Training - nightclub security training
LaSorsa & Associates Nightclub Security Training & Assessment Services
Include Up to Date Rules & Regulations from NC DPS, NC ALE & NC ABC

New Bouncer Training:

Way to many owners and managers hire a new bouncer and put them on the floor hoping that through word of mouth or having the new guy stand with an old guy, that somehow the new bouncer would get properly trained. Our courses can change totally change that.

Powers to Arrest & Intervention Techniques:

Our training  will provide students with valuable information regarding the ability to make a citizen’s detention or citizen’s arrest, when it might be acceptable and legal to make that detention, what methods can be used to make that detention, what should be done before and after the detention, documentation, etc

Conflict Resolution and Force Escalation Procedures:

Our training will teach the understanding of the legal limits to the use of force and issues related to conflict resolution, as well as methods of dealing with violence and violent incidents. The discussion will also cover sound methods to deal with pre-violent activity and issues after a fight or other violent incident has occurred.

Recent Events:

Bouncer killed in Sunday shooting at Havelock bar

By Sue Book, Sun Journal Staff
Published: Sunday, April 14, 2013 at 14:54 PM.
HAVELOCK — An 18-year-old high school student retaliating after being kicked out of a local bar returned with a pistol early Sunday morning and killed the head bouncer and injured five patrons in a spray of gunfire and bullet fragments, investigators said.

Bouncer on life support following bar fight

Monday, February 04, 2013
SMITHFIELD, N.C. (WTVD) — A bar room brawl in Smithfield has a man who tried to break up the fight in the hospital on life support.

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