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I attended Lasorsa & Associates and I can say Joe gave a lot of information and he made you want to learn. His class was full of excitement and it was a great learning experience…I would advise anyone who is interested in E.P. Training that does not have a lot of money and wants training – to attend one of Joe’s classes. You will love it…….Thanks Joe…

Stanley Jenkins March 24, 2011


Dear Joe,

I really enjoyed the course. I liked going on the road and doing the body guard exercises. I learned a lot, some of it I can use at my armored business. I just went on ASIS site and plan on being CPP certified. I hope to make the transition into the body guard field. You are a really good instructor. Thanks again,



On October 27-30th 2010, I attended the LaSorsa & Associates Executive Protection Agent Training Course.

The training you provided was A1 Excellent! The fundamentals and intense overview of EP critical success strategies and real world techniques were invaluable. I recommend this doctrine and training course to novices looking to enter the EP industry and seasoned professionals as an amazing refresher.

In my opinion, the live Protection Detail Operations give the agents an inside look into the techniques and contingencies needed for real world application.

I look forward to working with you on an Executive Protection Operation… anything, anytime, any place.

With Warm Regards,
Tony Vega



“Kudos to you for providing great doctrine and awesome training! It was genuinely a breath of fresh air…”

Tony Vega
Former Army SF
Baltimore, MD

Semper Contego


“Regarding the October, 2010 class, I’m following up with you about the exceptional training John and I received. I’m a lot smarter today than I was and I really walked away with allot. I started spreading the word about your EP training. ”

Jacques O. Goin, CEO
John Abraham, COO
Armour National Security Group, LLC
817 Broadway, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10003
(O) 646.722.8145


“I started my business last year and wanted more training in addition to my experience in the protection industry. I was recommended by a former FBI Agent as well as various industry professionals to go to Mr. Joe LaSorsa’s class. I attended LaSorsa’s protection specialist course and also had a couple of my employees attend as well. This was a complete eye opener and also was well worth the funds it took to get everyone to the class. The experience and education gained in the classroom and out in the real world, is not something I can put a price tag on. Having worked with Joe again after the class was complete, I can tell you that if you decide to take a class, you will have a lifetimes worth of knowledge and skill learned in just your first meeting. Joe is a professional and a man of integrity. Trinity Protection Group will always recommend Joe LaSorsa’s expertise.”
Robert Vance
Trinity Protection Group – 2010
Phoenix, Arizona


“Over my career I’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous professionals, none have impressed me more in their knowledge of protection as Joseph LaSorsa. The Former Secret Service Agent has proven to me why our country’s protective professionals are truly the best. Joe’s professionalism is only surpassed by his willingness and ability to pass on his knowledge to eager students and colleagues alike. I can truly say that hiring Mr. LaSorsa on any detail would really up the ante of your protective teams level of professionalism and ability to get the job done.”
Paul A. White
KWS Protective Consulting, Inc. – 2010
Hollywood, Fl


“Joe put on a great class with the nuts and bolts you need from the perspective of a true professional in this industry. His common sense approach to how the business really works is a really helpful when a lot of instructors are just trying to pump you up to be something you are not with a running-and-gunning type of atmosphere. His integrity to his clients is obvious, and he encourages his students to have the same.”
Josh Chandler – 2009
Huntington Beach, CA


“Joe will give you everything you need and more to help you get started, or advance your existing career. He will teach you the nuts and bolts of the industry, and show you things that no other course will”
Richard Orozco – 2010
Norco, CA


“Mr. LaSorsa offers top notch training based off of USSS doctrine and may be the only training facility offering such training. Mr. LaSorsa offers a 3 day course that is packed with every aspect of EP/Dignitary protection and includes course content not generally offered in some of the pricier schools. If you are looking for affordable training in EP/Dignitary protection based on solid training principles, I recommend giving this school a serious look. Leon S. Adams Certified Security Specialist”
Leon Adams
Superior Security Concepts, LLC – 2009
Atlanta, GA

Details of the Recommendation: “Joseph is an excellent trainer with unparalleled integrity, he is very knowledgeable and his expertise in his field becomes very obvious during his training sessions. His exemplary quality and intricate attention to professional detail sets him apart from the rest.”
Sheldon Awai
Executive Protection Training Student


I recently took Joseph Lasorsa’s “Executive Protection Agent” course. I am a working Executive Protection agent and have been for the past 20 years making a living doing so. I am a firm believer in reinforcing one’s skill set and refreshing our attitudes toward our work. Joe’s course exceeded my expectations focusing on those elements of protection that help us do what we are paid to do. PROTECT. If we are punching people standing too close to the luggage, or putting the paparazzi in a headlock all the while leaving the protectee alone the point has been missed. Threat Assessment and Advance coupled with solid detail formation and execution is the real deal. If you are serious about this business you need to take this course.

Scott Biondo
Security Consultant
Close Protection Officer
St. Louis, Missouri


Thanks for the opportunity to learn from someone with real world experience. I particularly appreciated the honesty and liked the opportunity to learn how to handle a principal in a one or two man detail scenario. The dynamics are considerably different, primarily how we move with one agent.

All the best and stay safe.

Joe Knight