Modern farmers have unparalleled opportunities in today’s market with hemp, cannabis and CBD product farming. Transitioning to hemp or cannabis farming from other traditional crops can be an incredibly challenging process, especially due to the value of the assets in all phases. These assets need special considerations and efforts in order to be adequately protected – seeds, fibers, oils – in growth and in transport. Cannabis and Hemp security services include blending technology with people – utilizing smart fences, drones and a human presence to secure areas inaccessible by conventional means, or too large for people to efficiently protect alone – offering a fully scalable, duplicable, and profitable venture in an exciting emerging market.

Utilizing leading technologies, knowledge and experience, our services increase yields, improve farm security, ensure safe development and delivery of products and payments. 

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Hemp Security Services – CBD Production Security

With our technology and partnerships, we can facilitate all aspects of the transition into hemp farming as a holistic solution with data analytics that are unrivaled – terrain, moisture content, etc. Our relationships in the cannabis and industrial hemp farming community, an invaluable resource for success in a new and niche industry such as cannabis or hemp. We can provide 24×7 physical protection via physical guards combined with aerial and technical surveillance, utilizing the latest in drone and sensor technology. .

Cannabis Security: Experience the difference experience makes.

We provide the full spectrum of hemp and cannabis security services that is unmatched anywhere in the world. We incorporate a constant assessment process with complete physical security as well as drone technology into the evaluation, management and security of cannabis farms and hemp farms. 

  • Consulting and Advisory Services for Efficiency, Safety and Security
  • Crop efficiency through drone technologies for yield improvements, utilizing data analytics and mapping
  • Hemp security and risk assessment
  • Cannabis security services
  • Transport security for valuables
  • Best-in-class perimeter security and surveillance
  • Vault and safe design and installation
  • Agricultural security teams and trained security professionals

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