Using PayPal Professionally – Webinar

Using PayPal Professionally – Webinar

PayPal is a commonly overlooked professional tool for collecting online/credit card/debit card payments and being able to create, customize, send and track professional invoices to customers and employers. This webinar will cover the best practices of using PayPal professionally, including tips and tricks to maximizing its functionality and using it safely.

This online, instructor-led seminar is designed to be a primer for any who are interested in using PayPal professionally. You will learn the fundamentals we (LaSorsa and Associates) use it to optimize efficiency and safe transfer of funds.

Covered topics include:
• Professional invoicing tools, tips and tricks
• PayPal.me
• PayPal financing
• PayPal app for mobile
• Sending money with PayPal
• Paying bills with PayPal and extending ‘float’
• And more, based on interest and questions

This seminar is expected to last 1/2 hour. This webinar is free. See our Training Schedule and Locations here: https://www.lasorsa.com/training-schedule-registration/

Register Here: https://forms.gle/CPXA6w6e3RyVCKo86

Let me know if you have any questions – jml@lasorsa.com

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