Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Training Course


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Training Course Developed and instituted by Joseph A. LaSorsa, CPP – Former Agent of the U.S. Secret Service, Presidential Protection Division, the White House.

Whether your group consists of private individuals or a group of security company or department employees, this course will provide the group with basic knowledge and introduction to Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures for security professionals and IT personnel.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Training Course Outline

  • Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures  Overview – Services and Terminology
  • Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures  Threats and Devices
  • Pre-Inspection Consultations
  • Threat Analysis
  • Electricity and Ohms Law
  • Telephone Systems Analysis
  • Telephone Line Audio Demodulation Equipment Demo
  • Radio Frequency Spectrum Analysis
  • Physical Search Techniques
  • Technical & Physical Search Practical Application
  • Proper Gear & Equipment Selection
  • Report Writing


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Training Course and Seminars

In this two-day seminar, you will be exposed to the world of bugging, debugging, TSCM equipment, techniques, security weaknesses and security hazards. Our courses are conducted in such a manner that everyone gets involved – we will not be talking at you — we will be talking with you and you will conduct real world practical applications.  After completing the basic course, you should be in a position to discuss your problems with a service provider, determine if they know what they are doing and whether their equipment is able to do the job you need them to do. We welcome others to contribute  and we ask the participants to discuss problems they have encountered in other locations.

Developed and instituted by a FORMER SECRET SERVICE AGENT- Presidential Protection

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Course
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  • Technical surveillance counter measures training
  • Eavesdropping countermeasures training
  • Audio counter measures training
  • Bug sweep training
  • How to find bugs and covert electronic equipment

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   Certified Protection Professional  

ASIS (American Society of Industrial Security) International Certification Board administers the Certified Protection Professional CPP designation program. CPP candidates must meet strict experience and education prerequisites and demonstrate competency in all areas of security management, security solutions and best-business practices. Less than 10,000 of the millions of security practitioners worldwide have earned this accreditation. As a result, the CPP is widely recognized as the highest designation awarded to security practitioners.

“The Quiet Threat: Fighting Industrial Espionage in America”

Industrial espionage is a craft that has evolved over the centuries that remains persistent in its threat. History has shown us that the techniques used today are adaptations of those developed in the sixteenth century and honed through the twentieth century. Accordingly, the text focuses on the similarity of industrial spy craft through time with examples from Anglo-American history. This book will help security professionals to combat industrial (or corporate) espionage in the post-industrial information age by helping to understand its techniques. A primary goal of the book is in giving the reader a real sense of how industrial spies are persistent and clever in circumventing defenses. Another sense the book imparts to the security professional (or the student of security) is that industrial espionage creates paradoxes rather than straightforward, easy solutions. It examines both the defensive and offensive tactics necessary to fight industrial espionage. Living with paradox should be the theme for the security professional, and the book draws wisdom from political philosophers like Machiavelli to aid in that perspective. While the text examines history and discusses security doctrine, it also offers a clear plan of action in dealing with industrial espionage in a fluid, mobile, information-rich business environment. Creating new warriors against the quiet threat is its chief mission.