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Joseph A. LaSorsa, President & CEO of J. A. LASORSA & ASSOCIATES, FORMER SECRET SERVICE AGENT, Presidential Protection – Security consultation provides valuable information and perspectives from in-depth experience and an extensive background in law enforcement work, professional security, and security consultations with a broad range of industries.

He gives security related presentations to organizations like the following:

  • Small Business Groups
  • Church and Religious Organizations
  • Business Conferences
  • Professional Associations
  • Trade Association Meetings & Seminars
  • Business Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Professional Groups, & Civic Groups

Here are an example of topics that our security speaker can address :

Yacht and Marine Security
Dealing with Employee Theft
Security Consulting as a Profession
Security Issues from a Liability Aspect
Security Surveys, Risk Assessments, Security Analysis
Recognizing the warning signs of “Workplace Violence”
Securing the Rails – Rail and Transportation Security Issues and Methods
Crime in Business – Loss Prevention, Deterrence, Apprehension, Liability Reduction

We can also cover some or all of the following liability and security issues:

Life Rage
Rage and violence has permeated into every aspect of our daily lives. Why do we lead the world in murder, suicide, violent crime and more.

Hiring to Firing
The workplace today is full of rules and regulations and they are constantly changing. We have become a litigious society and that includes the workplace. Business owners today cannot be too careful. Learn the do’s and don’ts of employee recruitment and selection with emphasis on the guidelines for selecting the right employee for the job.

Workplace Violence
disgruntled employees often take out their anger and frustration at work and on their coworkers or supervisors. We can help address and minimize the potential for these types of incidents.

Identity theft
A must-attend presentation for any company or organization. You’ll learn more about the frightening epidemic of identity theft and how it can rob you of your life. There millions of real victims of ID theft crime each year. And, estimates claim that this crime already accounts for over 25 percent of all credit card fraud. Unlike some crimes, ID theft is not that difficult to avoid.

Corporate Security/Liability Issues
Physical Security issues and the liability issues that accompany it are now a top priority in every business and daily routine across the U.S. Corporation must now understand and implement security strategies for every person, employee, and package that comes through your door.

Drugs Testing and Alcohol at Work
Unless you only have a few employees working for your company, you’ve likely got a drug problem. The statistics are staggering. What are the advantages of hair testing versus urine testing? What drugs are covered by a standard hair screening? How do today’s employees view drug testing? How much of an impact can drug-testing have? These are some of the topics we can cover for you.

The presentations on security related topics and issues can be tailored to specific needs and interests of your group or organization. Please ask about particular security interests that you may want addressed. Security is a broader, deeper industry than most people are aware of or understand.

With all my years in the United States Secret Service plus my time in the private security field, I have many contacts across the country in different security specialties. I understand these security issues are important to all of us, so I’d like to help.

Joseph A. LaSorsa

Please feel free to contact me about any security speaking Services or training needs you have.

Mr. LaSorsa’s last private sector position was as Senior Vice-President of Security for a Fort Lauderdale, FL based financial investment firm. Before that, he was a Corporate Director of Security for a South Florida based, Fortune 500 Company, directing all aspects of World Wide Physical Security Functions, Systems countermeasures and an Internal Investigations Unit, responsible for investigating any illicit employee activity. He was also directly responsible for the implementation and security protocols and the establishment of two Corporate Security Departments for two different companies. One was a Telecommunications Company based in Connecticut and the other was the company previously referenced.

He is a graduate of Queens College, City University of New York (1976) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and a minor in Languages, speaking both Spanish and Italian.



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