Maritime Security Training & Anti Piracy


Maritime Security Training & Anti Piracy consulting for Yacht Captains, Yacht Staff and Personalized Yacht Security Training Courses & Other Maritime Security Staff Training.

Maritime Security Training

This course is intended to provide a broad theoretical foundation of maritime security techniques and anti-piracy awareness while also providing sound tactical training for those that are likely to be providing security services as a secondary function within environments under the threat of piracy or attack. While promoting effective procedures and tactics for a vessel’s defense, this course emphasizes proactive awareness combined with ethical and effective escalation of force procedures as your best defense.

Piracy is nothing new but acts of piracy and attacks on American vessels are undeniably on the rise. There were 1.2 acts of piracy committed per day in the year 2011. Now is not the time to be complacent.


We provide Anti-Piracy and Maritime Security Training designed to ensure your staff will have the skills to maintain security through awareness and proactive action in high-threat environments. All courses are taught by highly experienced staff with a background in multi-national training as well as international maritime security experience.

As recommended by the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) and the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA), we provide the following course topics within our training course.*

-Piracy and Terrorism acts at Sea
-Principals of Maritime Security
-Introduction to the ISPS and SOLAS
-Security at Sea and Port Facilities
-Ship Risk Assessments
- Hostile Environment/Anti-Piracy Awareness
-Piracy Ambush Tactics, Techniques & Procedures
-Responsibilities of the MSDF
-Defensive Plans & Ambush Counter Measures
-Escalation of Force Procedures
-Security Equipment on the Ship
-Personal Defense
-Use of Improvised Weapons & Tactics
-Techniques to Restrict/Control Attacks
-Contingency planning
-Documenting an Attack
-Conduct After Capture (K&R Discussion)
-Firearms/EoF Familiarization
-First Aid/CPR/AED
-Drills on board

*Most topics are considered “As Required”. We tailor our course per student base to focus on their needs as well as best practices considering their crew’s organization. 

Maritime Security Training

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