Maritime Security Consultant


Maritime Security ConsultantJ. A. LaSorsa and Associates provides Maritime & Yacht Security Consulting in Safe Rooms and Maritime Perimeter Security Systems worldwide. We can also provide trained and armed Yacht Captains, Yacht Staff and Personalized Yacht Security and Other Maritime Crew Security Training.

If you have any questions about our Maritime & Yacht Security Consulting, contact us now! A perimeter security system combined with a competent and experienced security staff allows your time on your yacht to be more enjoyable and not have to be concerned about your safety and the safety of the others on your yacht.

Yachts are much more vulnerable compared to other dwellings and locations, especially on the ocean. Currently, there are 1.3 piracy incidents occurring every day. Vessels are typically open to the public in marinas. Without an adequate security system or a ‘security’ trained crew, anyone can walk up to your vessel or moor up beside you and gain access to your vessel. A well planned and integrated perimeter security system prevents you from having to deal with these uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations while you are trying to enjoy time spent on your vessel.

Common threats to an ocean going yacht with an un-prepared crew are intrusions from paparazzi, kidnapping attempts and espionage. The threats of terrorism, piracy and kidnapping on vessels in the maritime world have never been greater than now.

Maritime SecurityA crew trained by our security training professionals will also ensure coordination with efforts such as America’s Waterway Watch, Citizen Action Network and Operation Focused Lens which will increase identification and interdiction of small vessel security threats. A ‘security’ trained crew will also be in compliance with the U.S. Coast Guard’s Vessel Identification System (VIS) program and Customs and Border Protections’ Small Vessel Reporting System (SVRS) which increases your security through full interaction with the Federal & International Law Enforcement capabilities in responding to and interdicting small vessel security threats.

J.A. LaSorsa & Associates can address your Maritime Security & Weapons Training needs. Contact us now!

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