2 Day Defensive 3 Gun Course


This Bodyguard Weapons Training course is designed to teach realistic, functional & effective weapons handling for security professionals.

Gun Course


Bodyguard Weapons Training Course Outline

  • Human nature, escalation of force procedures & deadly force pre-conditions
  • Proper gear selection & placement
  • Ammunition selection & ballistics
  • Proper stance, grip & draw
  • Sight alignment, trigger control & recoil management
  • Speed reloads & tactical reloads
  • Immediate & remedial action
  • Shooting on the move
  • Communication
  • Situation specific shooting positions
  • Multiple target engagement

Recommended Gear

  • Eye Protection & Ear Protection (electronic preferred)
  • Automatic Pistol with 3 magazines
  • Pump or Automatic Shotgun
  • Carbine – with 3 magazines & sling
  • Appropriate holster & magazine/ammo carriers
  • Weapons cleaning gear & lube, batteries & tools (if applicable)
  • Secondary weapon mounted and/or handheld light
  • Appropriate clothing & foot wear

Bodyguard Weapons Training developed and instituted by a FORMER SECRET SERVICE AGENT- Presidential Protection & Former Military

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